HEN Mini Cart / HENm Cart

Phlebotomy Tube Preparation System

HENm Cart is a compact, light-weight, movable tube preparation system, made for the hospital wards. Which is automatically provides medical technicians with essential items required for a phlebotomy (tubes with specimen labels attached, specimen labels and patient identification labels) based on the phlebotomy information recorded in the HIS (Hospital Information System).

HENm cart containing abundant storage space for consumables , integrated roller mixer which can use for 4 tubes at a time, and PC mount compatible for any laptops. The system is completely powered with lithium battery which provided an average of 12 hours fully operation time.


  • Model Name : HENm Cart
  • Tube Loading Capacity : Max 140 ea
  • 13x75mm,13x100 20ea
  • 16x100mm 18ea
  • 13x100mm 16ea
  • Production Volume/Hourly :1,440 Tubes
  • Tube Discharge Speed:2.5sec/1 Tube
  • Tube Types:12~16mm / Length : 75~125mm

Product Dimension & Weight

  • Dimension : 450(W) x 920(H) x 845(D) mm
  • Weight 50kgf (Cart 35kg + HENm15kg)

Printing & Labels

  • Resolution : 203 dpi
  • Printing Method : Thermal Printing
  • Label Size: 50mm x 28~35mm
  • Label Roll 2000 label/Roll

Power, Interface & Certification

  • Power : AC 100-240 V~, 50/60Hz,4A
  • Interface : USB A,B Port 5V 200mA, RS232
  • Certification: CE, KC, RoHs